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Either you are a constructor, property manager, real estate investor, school, house of worship, general contractor or you just want to cleanup after remodeling, we provide the best cleanup solution customized to your specific needs , whatever they may be.

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Properties that have undergone construction, renovation and remodeling can be a real mess. Mold, mildew and dust are just some of the problems workers are faced with after a job is completed.

Our experienced and professional staff will attend to all of your needs for each phase of the project. From rough cleanup to detail cleanup, we make sure your premises are clean and safe for occupancy.

Our staff is trained to perform the job with safety and satisfaction in mind. We provide everything needed for a clean, safe and healthy environment.

Post Construction Cleaning Supplies

After Construction Cleanup Services with Attention to Detail.

The mess that is left over from construction is one of the hardest parts about a new build or remodel. The scrap wood, rotted shingles, dirt, mold, and grime are not fun to deal with but are a necessary part of the rebuild process. If you’re going to build, you will have to clean. At All Dry Services of Miami we take pride in doing the cleanup after every project we do. We will clean up everything, even if it wasn’t our mess to begin with. With our cleanup service you’ll be left with a spotless home in no time at all.

“Final Construction Cleanup” is included The Florida Statutes , under the “Improve” definition:

“Final Construction Cleanup”

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At All Dry Services of Miami, we know not every job is the same. Some of our clients require a one-time or two-time cleanup after a major construction project is complete, and some of our clients just need us to come out once a month to clean their commercial office building. Regardless of the services required, All Dry Services of Miami will be there to ensure that your project meets your expectations and is finished on time and on budget.

Give us a call and schedule a free consultation. Our staff is trained and ready to help you with all your post construction, remodel, and deep cleaning needs. We can also help you design an on-going maintenance plan for your property so that you are never left with a dirty or hazardous worksite again.

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